Little by little it’s becoming real…/Peu à peu, l’idée devient réel

Little by little the idea is becoming reality. In fact, progress these past few days has been quicker than expected. Plain track does not take very long to make. The platform roads are complete, and I have got a fair way through the first part of the station throat formation. The turnouts on the first board now have their Cobalt IP motors and work well. These are quite straightforward to install, but rather noisy in operation. At £21 a throw they are not cheap, but at least one does not have to use accessory decoders such as the Lenz ones I previously employed, so the cost is offset and can be spread. The trade-in of some old 00 equipment yielded the funds to purchase the next four. And then, just now, my soldering station died for no apparent reason. Not the stray connection that has caused problems before – I had to sit there and just watch the temperature drop away on the read-out. So I guess that is it for now…

Peu à peu, l’idée devient réel. Le réseau apparaît. J’ai continué à fabriquer les voies. J’ai fini celles de quai assez rapidement et j’ai fait la plûpart des prochaines aiguillages. Les premières ont leurs moteurs Cobalt IP et ils fonctionnent bien. Montage pas trop difficile, mais ils sont assez bruyants.

Mais maintenant, tout d’un coup mon station à soudre est mort. Je ne sais pas pourquoi – aucun fil désoudré qui était la problème la dernière fois que j’ai perdu la châleur. Donc ҫa doit être tout pour aujourd’hui…



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I offer short courses in the basics of Critical Thinking to small groups. I am a former teacher with 30 years' experience. I taught CT to 'A' Level for a significant period.
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