L’Auberge du Pont

I have used the Christmas period to complete Chez Moreno, the auberge by the bridge. After quite a time convalescing and doing very little, I am finding some gentle modelling to be quite good therapy.

The original is a rather plain and oddly-proportioned building but it has made quite an attractive model, though there are a few over-large proportions such as the downpipe on the main frontage. It is amazing how difficult it is to lightproof those parts of the building that are not meant to be lit.

I have made most of the surrounding fixtures from scratch. The railings and guard barriers were soldered up from wire, though the latter are not acceptable and will be replaced by etches. I am currently experimenting with making typical aluminium-type cafe furniture, since even 3D printing cannot make these finely enough. One table has been completed, but the chairs are proving awkward. Still, I think I have the way forward – just a matter of perfecting the technique as around 25 will be needed!

In other news, the railway bridges have been weathered and ‘grassed’. The parapet railings are on order.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and good modelling!


J’ai passé Noël en finnissant «Chez Moreno», l’auberge du pont. Après avoir passé bien longtemps en recupérant, et en faisiant très peu, je trouve un peu de modellisme lent comme bonne thérapie.

Le bâtiment original est un peu laid aux proportions bizarres, mais il a fait une maquette attrayante. J’en suis assez content, mais il reste quelques proportions trop-grands, par exemple la descente de pluie à la faҫade principale. Toutes ces choses sont si fines en N!

J’ai fabriqué les accessoires maison. Les balustrades sont soudées de fil de laiton, mais cel autour du cafe n’est pas acceptable et je vais en remplacer d’une de gravure.

Je fais des expériences avec des meubles du cafe en aluminium – même l’imprimage 3D ne peut pas être assez fine. A l’instant, j’ai produit une seule table, mais les chaises preuvent plus problèmaiques! J’en aurai besoin de 25…

D’autre part, j’ai patiné les ponts férroviaires et les ai plantés de l’herbe.

Je souhaite Bonne Année et bonne modélisme a tous!


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3 Responses to L’Auberge du Pont

  1. Gregory Hodgkiss says:

    Fabulous! Even my wife, who is French but not interested in railways, is impressed by the realism! Nothing else to add, other than if you feel up to it the SNCF Society is having its annual get_together on Sunday 22 January (see details in Railway Modeller). It’s always a very enjoyable day with modellers interested in the French scene, layouts, and talks with slide-shows, and if you still need advice on your signalling, you will probably find an expert there to consult.

  2. Gregory Hodgkiss says:

    I should have said the SNCFS meeting is at Lenham in Kent. Less than an hour’s drive from mid-Essex.

  3. ijstock says:

    Thanks Gregory – praise indeed! I am aware of the SNCFS meeting – not sure whether I will be able to make it or not – crowds are proving to be something of a problem at the moment. We will see nearer the time – I would certainly like to go.


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