More therapy/ Encore de thérapie

Several new developments over recent weeks. The most noticeable is the completion of the house next to the level crossing. Nothing unusual about its construction, though I have made use of York Modelmaking’s diamond tiles for the first time. I have also tried to up the ante a little further and address some of the things I have always compromised on. So drainpipes and gutters are more satisfactorily dealt with, with brackets in place made from a single strand of layout wire. I have also developed my weathering techniques a little further. I think the result very satisfactorily captures the character of the original, and it a pity there was no room to model the buildings further up the hill as well.

I have also nearly completed the chairs and tables of the pavement terrace outside the auberge. I need some more chairs yet, but am currently out of brass wire. When looking at the rather cruelly enlarged picture, bear in mind that the tables are made from paper hole-punching stuck to Peco track pins…

Finally, the first part of the railings for the bridges is now in place. Unfortunately, I didn’t order enough. These are beautifully fine etchings from TJ Modeles – but they are also very easily distorted, and the pictures cruelly show that I have got a lot of straightening to do yet…

I’m still at home, recovering from a ‘blown fuse’ at work; a little light modelling is good therapy.


Il y a eu quelques nouveautés dans les semaines rcentes. La finition de la maison à côté du P.N. est le plus remarquable. Les techniques sont les mêmes comme toujours, mais j’ai essayé d’encore relever la détaillage, en résoudant quelques problèmes éternelles. Pour exemple, les supports des goutièrres sont maintenant en place, fabriqués d’un seul brin de fil électrique. J’ai développé les téchniques de patinage aussi.

J’ai presque fini les meubles pour la terrasse de l’auberge. Il ne reste que quelques chaises à fabriquer. Les photos sont cruellement aggrandies – veuillez souvenir que les tables sont crées des perforations de papier (diamètre 5,5mm) collés au dessus des épingles Peco….

Finalement, les premiers rambardes sont en place sur les ponts férrovaires. Ceux-ci sont en photo-découpe tres fine de chez T-J Modèles. Super – mais très facilement déformées. Les photos montrent qu’il me faut les reformer! Et je n’ai pas commandé assez…

Je reste toujours au foyer en récuperant d’un «fusible grillé» professionnelle. Un peu de modéllisme leger présente de bonne thérapie.




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3 Responses to More therapy/ Encore de thérapie

  1. Manuel Gratias says:

    Hi Ian. So sorry to hear you had a “burn out” (I believe — same in french, or “pétage de plomb” if you feel being familiar). I love what you did. One has to remember it is N scale. I particularly like the pictures where the X2800 railcar can be seen (especially the first one!). Keep cool, take your time to recover fully and please let us be enchanted by your pictures!

    • ijstock says:

      Hi Manu, thanks for your comments – glad you like the latest developments. Other matters are making progress, but it’s slow. How is the layout room – erm, I mean house-hunting going?

  2. Manuel Gratias says:

    Well, we found one… It all comes to selling our flat now. Though Touillac will be dramatically changed and all I’ve done so far dismantled because it cannot be adapted, I am still working on it so that I finally have a loop. That will be my layout in the house until I’m done with more “serious” work to be done in priority. And no: having trains running in a nice scenery is not to be done before the new windows of the house!

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