Opinions wanted!/ Des avis cherchés!

What do you think of this? This is a mock-up of the buildings from Eymoutiers that I had planned for the site next to the bridge. (Those in Tulle are smaller but very dull…) Do the buildings overpower the scene too much? Does this detract from the bridge? All opinions gratefully received!

Qu’est-ce que vous en croyez de ceci? Ce sont des plans pour les bâtiments d’Eymoutiers que je veux situer à côté des ponts. (Les originaux à Tulle sont plus petits mais très laids…) Sont-ils trop grands? Est-ce qu’on «perd» les ponts? Touts les avis bien reҫus!



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2 Responses to Opinions wanted!/ Des avis cherchés!

  1. maxfees says:

    Perhaps you need more of a compromise between the boring buildings at Tulle and the ones at Eymoutiers?

    • ijstock says:

      (Is that you James?) Hmm yes…might mean more looking. At present I am just leaving the mock-up in place and it is growing on me. I was expecting this to be an uncertain call, so no problem with giving time for decisions….


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