Building work to March 2017

It’s been some time since the last post, so here’s a brief update. I’ve been spending modelling time on the block of buildings by the river. As there are seven of them, it is taking quite some time, especially as I am taking extra care with the details. The challenge is the different wall finishes, door/window types etc.

All of the walls have been detailed on the flat and were finally assembled a couple of days ago. Please with the progress so far – though the block is BIG…

C’est assez longtemps depuis mes derniers actus, donc voici un petit bulletin…

J’ai passé mes heures de modellisme en fabricant les bâtiments du côté de la fleuve. Il y en a sept et il m’a demandé beaucoup de temps pour découper toutes les portes et fenêtres… Je prends du soin avec les textures differents de murs etc.

J’ai fabriqué chaque face plât sur la table, et je les ai collées il y a quelques jours. Il reste beaucoup à faire…Le bâtiment me plait beaucoup – mais c’est GRAND!





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I offer short courses in the basics of Critical Thinking to small groups. I am a former teacher with 30 years' experience. I taught CT to 'A' Level for a significant period.
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4 Responses to Building work to March 2017

  1. maxfees says:

    That is looking very good.


  2. ijstock says:

    Thanks James…. long way to go with this one yet, though…

  3. Manuel Gratias says:

    Hello Ian. I hope you’ve been able to recover fully. Do you have any update on your awesome layout? As mine is dismantled due to an ongoing process of moving from our apartment to a house. Keep posting: it’s always a delight to read from you!

    • Ian Stock says:

      Great to hear from you – we were wondering how your getting on just yesterday. Do you have a date for your move yet? I’m afraid there is very little progress to report at the moment. I have had lots of other things to do in recent months, and I often find I need to take a break from modelling after a while. It allows you to come back and look at the layout with ‘new eyes’.

      I am well on the road to recovery now, thanks – though it has taken all this time to see a real change. I have given up my job and at the moment am a kept man! Not an unpleasant life, if you ignore the effects of having been ill…

      I ‘feel’ that some more modelling is going to happen before too long, and I’ll update you then. Also a small matter of some points I have been asked to build by another guy near Paris…

      best wishes to all,

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