Finer N Project

There has been quite a discussion recently (Feb 2014) on RM Web about developing finer standards in N scale. I had already noticed Wayne Kinney’s FiNetrack project to bring better-looking scale track work to the N scale world. As Stanley is substantially complete – possibly my best modelling achievement to date – I think the next project has to be a dabble with these finer standards. I want to push my building and scenic work (even?) higher, and look closer at issues like working scale semaphore signals. Although real work is unlikely to start for some time yet,I’ve decided to document the project right from its earliest genesis as a small contribution to the wider debate.

Unlike Stanley with its complex track plan, the model is going to have to be small and simple – both to keep the extra work manageable and because I’m running out of layout storage space…

In the absence of agreement for any denomination of the new standards, I’m calling this – for want of anything better – a ‘Finer N’ project.


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