Stanley – N Gauge

Stanley is my current N gauge project.

There is a real settlement at Stanley, which is about six miles north of Perth. Stanley was the place where the Highland Railway line to Inverness peeled off the Caledonian Railway main line Strathmore route to Aberdeen. The latter was finally completely closed in the early 1980s, by which time all that was left was a freight-only stub to Forfar. The station at Stanley Junction closed in 1956.

In my version, the Strathmore route is still fully open in the early 1980’s, with much traffic from Glasgow to Aberdeen taking this route rather than the more circuitous route via Dundee. Traffic from England to north-east Scotland also uses the route, as well as the existing traffic to Inverness and further north.

I have envisioned a rather more significant settlement than the village that is actually there. Some services from Glasgow and Edinburgh run through to Stanley rather than terminating at Perth, while the station also sees significant traffic passing through en route to both Aberdeen and Inverness.

The junction itself is not modelled. In my small space, I have just created the south end of the station, using features taken from the real stations as Perth and Dundee, with a few features coming from elsewhere in Scotland.

The model has had a turbulent life, this being the second incarnation, which was started in August 2012. Even that has experienced significant rebuilding when it became evident that the two-tier design (with storage sidings below) was not working well. The model is largely broad-brush complete, but there is much to do to finish the electrics and townscape, as well as fine detailing.

I choose to model small areas almost to scale such that there is minimal compression, which in my experience is a critical factor for both real-life and photographic realism.

Stanley plan

Stanley route map


4 Responses to Stanley – N Gauge

  1. Ron & Kathy Smart says:

    what is your grid scale…one or two feet to the square?

    • ijstock says:

      Hello, those are one foot squares – it’s a very dense plan. Feature on the layout coming up in Feb 2016 Railway Modeller, by the way.


  2. Max says:

    How big is the total layout footprint? (Including fiddle yards)

    • ijstock says:

      Hello Max, the layout is about 9ft long and 2ft 9in wide. The return loops at either end hinge downward when not in use, making the layout as stored about 6ft 6in long.


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